Some of the people who have experienced the workshop or a private session have this to say...

“Breah asked me questions about my life, values, talents, and interests...I came away with a snap shot of my life, the real essence of who I am. Breah helped me open up and draw myself from the spirit within.” – Amy LaDeroute, Singer, Actor, Comedienne

"If you want to shift your thought processes from negative to positive, ‘What's Right With Me’ will blow you away! Since taking this amazing workshop,I have experienced more growth in one month than I have in the entire past year!! Thank you, Breah...You are truly a GIFT!" – Susan K. Brigham, Producer/Director of “Arizona Flats”

“Breah lead a group of professionals in a WRWM workshop that lead to action by the individuals. Attendees used over-sized paper and colored markers as Breah coached them through answering a 13-question exploration of what is positive in their life, what they have accomplished and what they creating in the present, and intend to do in the future. The visual representation of what’s important has a profound impact that’s a little unexpected. Prepare to be moved, emotional perhaps, and inspired to attain your goals. One woman let go of her negative personal self-image issues and dismissed her longstanding belief that plastic surgery would fix her.  Another gained affirmation that she can move past her past and is valuable with her God given gifts and talents. I was encouraged to be bold with the relationships I have established and continue on a path to change an entire industry! While this workshop is personal it impacts the professional side of life as well.  Figuring out what’s right with me is just what we all need! – Wendy Banks, CEO of Carolina Management Team


What's Right With Me?

A Graphic Mirroring™ Workshop


"What's Right With Me?" is a 2-hour interactive workshop offered by inspirational author Breah Parker, creator of, and author of Dare to Dream. As a participant, you will be guided through a 13-step process of self-reflection that utilizes Graphic Mirroring™ (drawing one’s inner most passions, joys, thoughts, feelings, truths with colorful markers!), creating a visual depiction of who you are and the gifts you bring. This process allows individuals to better access their EQ (emotional intelligence) and raises their level of consciousness.

Teaching leaders to access more emotional information means giving them the tools to make more deeply informed decisions. It helps bring about a shift in old, unproductive ways of thinking. It challenges the traditional business idea that we are separate entities and thus disconnected. Instead, it encourages empathy toward others, and helps awaken leaders to the idea of working with staff as collaborators and co-creators.  This new perspective can help increase leadership effectiveness, and forge more win/win relationships within an organization.


Breah spoke at the 2010 TEDxAsheville event, asking people to "Be who you is so much more than enough!" This talk and workshop grew out of the seeds of Breah's TEDx talk. The intention is for you to walk away with the following and more:


• A visual reminder and sense of your gifts and talents, providing a deeper sense of self-confidence, self-appreciation and self-love.


• A global sense of how the whole world benefits when you fully show up in it. “We change the world just by our very existence.” – Hopi teaching


• A heightened awareness of our connection to each other and the world around us.

• A shift in your focus of yourself and an understanding of each other and the world around us, asking yourself “what’s right with me, what’s right with this person, this situation…?”

• More reasons to be grateful for all you have and what you are ready to create.

Breah's workshop includes inspiring moments from her own life to help you relate and capture the answers to each question, creating clarity and claiming your next giant and/or baby steps!